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Recommended for allergy-sufferers

All carpets from HTW DESIGN CARPET are made of high-quality polyamides and are naturally free from allergens and irritants. What is just as important for allergy-sufferers, however, is that the textile fibres bind the dust. This ensures that troublesome particles remain on the floor until the carpet is cleaned instead of being swirled about by movements and draughts. These properties make carpets more suitable for allergy-sufferers than hard floorings. This has also been confirmed, among other things, by a recent study commissioned by the German Allergy and Asthma Society (DAAB), which showed that the concentration of fine dust in carpeted rooms is less than half that in rooms with hard flooring. Swedish findings have also refuted the widely assumed causal relationship between allergies and carpets.

According to the Institute for Fibre and Polymer Research, the number of allergy-related disorders has tripled within the space of twenty years – despite the fact that carpets were replaced by hard floor coverings in 70% of all homes during the same period. What‘s more, the pollutant concentration of indoor air has steadily increased in recent decades. Not only do we spend more and more time indoors – the regular, healthy exchange of air in the rooms is made more difficult by modern building insulation. This makes a textile floor covering to collect and bind the pollutants all the more important.

Maximum reduction of foot-fall sound

Medical professionals agree that noise at the workplace has a negative effect on people‘s well-being and health. Noise not only reduces people‘s concentration, but can also impair their ability to perform in the long term. According to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, noise levels therefore should not exceed 55 dB on average. In this context it should be noted that a photocopier, for example, produces 70 dB and a computer fan 30 dB when in operation. Smooth, hard materials reflact this noise and hold it captive in the room like an echo.

This makes it more difficult to understand the spoken word, as well as to listen to what people are saying. carpets decisively help to significantly reduce both the noise level and the reverberation times (noise duration) of such interfering sounds. The textile floor coverings absorb the noise and interrupt the vibrations which could otherwise propagate in the room. The best effect is achieved with the Xtra special acoustic backing. Depending on the object concerned, it can reduce the sound of foot-falls by up to 31 dB and increase speech intelligibility by up to 80% at the same time.

Ecological excellence

Reconciling economic and ecological responsibility has always been part of the corporate philosophy of HTW DESIGN CARPET. For us, production processes making efficient use of natural resources and pollutant-free products are just as important as the principle of sustainability. To meet these requirements, our company is audited in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. At the same time, we voluntarily submit to one of the world‘s strictest test and inspection systems – certification by GUT (Association of Eco-friendly Carpets).

With the gut environment mark, we undertake

•   to ensure that independent European test institutes regularly test all our textile floor coverings for harmful chemicals and emissions – including those which are frequently disregarded by other certification agencies (such as the carcinogen benzene). GUT tests show that even the heavy-duty Easy Lift backing does not contain any notifiable substances: no bitumen, no PVC, no solvents.

•   to strictly comply with the ecological production standards specified by GUT and to meet our responsibility to ensure clean air and water supplies.

•   to permanently improve all environmental aspects of our production processes – such as recycling or making economical use of valuable raw materials. This has already been achieved 100% with the Xtra acoustic backing: it is made entirely of recycled felt material. GUT certification is an integral part of PRODIS – the unique European product information system for eco-friendly, high quality textile floor coverings. For further information on test criteria and objectives, go to In addition, each Xtra carpet also features an ecological product declaration by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (Building and Environment Institute). The EPD seal is based on ISO 14025 and represents the international certification of „Green Building Systems“. Further information is available on

Ergonomic value

Services and administrative activities require mobility. More and more people today spend their working time standing or walking, for instance in banks, open-plan offices, sales or gastronomy. This imposes high demands on the locomotor system and consequently requires ergonomic interior concepts. Studies have shown that textile floor coverings are fundamentally more suitable than hard floors here.

Xtra carpets with integrated acoustic backing have several positive effects on the spine, back and joints. The dimensionally stable, elastic backing with heavy-duty felt systematically absorbs the compression forces and impacts acting on the body with every single movement. Above all, the vertical shock associated with each single step is considerably reduced – by up to 35% depending on the carpet quality concerned.

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